ANN: Rekall/WEB

John Dean john at
Mon May 16 15:24:02 CEST 2005


I would like to announce the release of Rekall/WEB. Through the power of
Python, you can now turn your Rekall desktop application into a web based
application, with any loss of functionality and with a comparable look 'n
feel. You can now design on the desktop and deploy on the web. There is no
long an need to go through endless cycles of editing, uploading, and
testing. You can even design your database tables, develope and test complex
quiries, develope your back-end business logic, etc all within one powerful
easy to use desktop application - Rekall. Take a look at for a very simple example of a Rekall/WEB powered web
site. More information on Rekall/WEB is available at both and

Best Regards

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