Introducing jyset

Mike Hostetler thehaas at
Tue May 17 22:53:40 CEST 2005

>From the README:

jyset -- a Set class for Jython
Copyright (c) 2005 by Mike Hostetler <thehaas at>
All Rights Reserved.

jyset is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license

jyset is a module that implements a Set class in Jython that emulates
the Set class introduced in CPython 2.3.  Note that this is an
implementation of Set class -- not BaseSet or ImmutableSet.

For more information about the Set class, see the current Python
documentation on that module:

jyset currenly lacks some type checking -- for example, if you try to
check to see if s2 is a superset of s1 and s2 is really an integer,
you will get a more cryptic error.  You have been warned (if someone
would like to help with this . . )

See the main function of or the for usage help,
although the link to the Python Docs would probably be more helpful!

You can download it from here:

Mike Hostetler          
thehaas at 

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