ANN: XIST 2.10 released

Walter Dörwald walter at
Fri May 20 15:32:39 CEST 2005

XIST 2.10 has been released!

What is it?

XIST is an extensible HTML/XML generator written in Python. XIST is
also a DOM parser (built on top of SAX2) with a very simple and
Pythonesque tree API. Every XML element type corresponds to a Python
class, and these Python classes provide a conversion method to transform
the XML tree (e.g. into HTML). XIST can be considered "object oriented XSL".

What's new in version 2.10?

  * The content of the processing instruction ll.xist.ns.code.pyexec
     will not be executed at construction time, but at conversion time.
     The code in ll.xist.ns.code.pyexec or ll.xist.ns.code.pyeval will
     no longer be executed in the ll.xist.sandbox module (which has been
     removed), but in a sandbox dictionary in the converter context of
     the ll.xist.ns.code namespace.
  * The tests have been ported to py.test.
  * The method mapped is now callable without arguments. In this case
     a converter will be created on the fly. You can pass constructor
     arguments for this converter to mapped as keyword arguments.
  * The publishing API has changed again:
     ll.xist.publishers.Publisher.publish now longer accepts an argument
     stream to which the byte strings are written, but it is a generator
     now. The publisher methods write and writetext have been renamed to
     encode and encodetext and return the encoded byte string, instead
     of writing it directly to the stream. There's a new generator
     method bytes for nodes now, which can be passed the same arguments
     as asBytes. These changes should help when using XIST in WSGI
  * The iterator returned from Element.__getitem__, Frag.__getitem__
     and the walk method now supports __getitem__ itself, so you can
     write table[][0] to get the first row from a table or
     page.walk(xsc.FindTypeAll([-1] to get the last table cell
     from a complete HTML page.
  * Several bugs in the namespaces ll.xist.ns.meta, ll.xist.ns.form
     and ll.xist.ns.specials have been fixed.
  * The namespace modules ll.xist.ns.css and ll.xist.ns.cssspecials
     have been removed.

For changes in older versions see:

Where can I get it?

XIST can be downloaded from

Web pages are at

ViewCVS access is available at

For information about the mailing lists go to

     Walter Dörwald

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