ANN: blamehangle 0.1.0

Freddie freddie+usenet at
Wed May 25 16:45:18 CEST 2005

(sorry if this appears several times, Australian usenet servers are

blamehangle is Yet Another IRC Bot Framework. Started in 2003 as a
replacement for a nasty perl monster, we're just now getting around to
releasing it. Useful features include:

* Asynchronous HTTP client.
* Threaded database lookups.
* Threaded DNS lookups.
* Multiple IRC network support.
* Possibly understandable plugin deveopment model.
* Useful collection of plugins.
* Sometimes actively developed!

blamehangle is available for download from the MadCowDisease web site:

Or via Subversion at:
svn:// or
svn:// (for sometimes broken

trunk is recommended, as there are several minor bugs fixed already.

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