DFW Pythoneers' Coding Sprint This Saturday

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Thu May 26 11:27:35 CEST 2005

The DFW Pythoneers meet, at nerdbooks.com (a local bookstore), with our 
laptops for hands-on Python programming on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each 
month.  As we progress, we'll be focusing on Extreme Programming techniques, 
re pair programming, version control, unit testing and so forth.

Represented are users of Linux, MacOS and Windows, in a variety of skill 
levels so if you are thinking of getting into programming, come along.

This Saturday is 4th Saturday and we'll be doing it again.


Last time we had 7 people show up, got connected to the Internet and learned 
about using the Subversion version control software, while sharing a single 
piece of Python source we each modified and passed to others thru the 
repository.  It was a lot of fun to be making changes, do an update and see 
the work of others appear.


Since we have a lot of beginner Python programmers, this time I'd like to 
start with an hour of presentation on the datatypes and basic control 
structures of Python.  And then hands-on producing some simple programs that 
introduce certain Python concepts.

For example, (1) a program that copies a file given on the command-line, to 
introduce file I/O and command-line arguments.  Then (2) modify it to count 
the number of lines, to cover line I/O and lists, and then (3) modify it to 
count the number of matches against a string or regular expression provided 
as a new command-line argument, to bring in string operations and REs.  If 
there is still time, we can cover the "optparse" module for advanced 
command-line parsing.

Suggestions are welcome but I thought during this initial stage, we'd pick 3-4 
commonly-used modules from the Python library each session and explore how to 
use them.

For those more advanced in Python, please come also.  Let's pair up with 
others on projects of common interest and use these Saturdays as working 


You can find directions to Nerdbooks at www.nerdbooks.com.  We meet from 
2:00pm to 5:00 pm.


And further information about mailing lists and such at:


I'd also like to ask those planning to participate in the coding sprints
to prepare their laptops with the necessary software, to save time.
Details are on the wiki at:


As we meet to begin some projects, I'll give out write-access passwords.
The repository is publically readable so everyone can watch the projects.

Also, if you can bring along extra power strips, ethernet cables, and perhaps 
even a folding table or two.

Jeff Rush, DFW Pythoneers Coordinator

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