ANN: HarvestMan 1.4.5 a1

Anand abpillai at
Fri May 27 20:10:57 CEST 2005

I am glad to announce the first alpha release of HarvestMan 1.4.5.
HarvestMan 1.4.5 is the first major revision after HarvestMan 1.4
which was released in Jan 2005.

HarvestMan [] is a WWW crawler
program written entirely in Python. It has many features which allows
you to highly customize your www crawling/offline downloading.
features as much as 60+ configuration options.

Here are the highlights of this release.

1. Configuration file changed to XML format from text format
of previous versions.
2. An archival feature to archive downloaded files.
3. New, robust parser based on SGMLParser module.
4. Modifications in project caching.

Changelog for this release
available at .

HarvestMan website: .



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