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Tue Nov 1 05:26:54 CET 2005

What is PAMIE?
PAMIE stands for Python Automation module for Internet Explorer.


* Window 2000, WinNT, WinXP
* Python 2.4.x  (I use Active State Python 2.4.x since it installs the
needed win32all library)

Optional tools for writing scripts:
* Eclipse with pydev plugin ( great for writing, running and debugging
scripts) - recommended!!
* Emacs  - for script writing
* Notepad++ - for script writing
* PythonWin IDE installed with Activestate Python - - for script writing and running


This was completely written in Python to be used as a QA/Development
tool for Web testing.

You will find this is one of the easiest automation tool to use for
automating Internet Explorer.

PAMIE is a class file ( that you import and you can calls its

methods to write scripts that
automate your IE browser client.

Used with PY unit you can write complex Web testing frameworks.

* Automate Web testing
* Use along with Jmeter for Performance testing.
* Load Testing


New Enhancements:
Frames support
improved report status

Just a few of the methods available:

_frameWait - waits for user speficied frame document to load
_wait - wait for documetn to load
checkForFormName - check to see if a formname exists in the document
checkForFrameName -- check to see if a framename exists
ClickBtnImage - Clicks on an input type image button
ClickButton - Click on a button
ClickImage - clicks on an Image
ClickLink - Clicks on a link
ClickMenu - Clicks on an menu item,link
ClickMenuImage - Clicks on an menu item that is a image.
Click a Menu or Sub Menu Item
ClickNthImage click on the Nth Image
ClickNthLink - click on the Nth link
ClickOuterLink - clicks  on a link using outertext
ClickPageLink - click on the page link
GetTextBox - get tectbox value
SettextBox  - Sets texbox value
GetNames - get the names of the form elements
GetListbox - gets selected listbox item
SetlistBox - sets selected listbox item
GetRadioButton - Gets Radio button status
SetRadioButton  - Sets Radio button
GetRadioButtonSet - same as above
and much much more !!! 

Check it out! 

Thank you 
R.L. Marchetti

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