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What is PAMIE?
PAMIE stands for Python Automation module for Internet Explorer.

This is a free opensource tool that allows you to use Python to drive
Internet Explorer.

Designed for QA engineers with scripting ability.

If you haved used the big commercial automation tools
you will fine this easy to use.

There is no record/playback, just script and validate.


* Window 2000, WinNT, WinXP
* Python 2.4.x  (I use Active State Python 2.4.x since it installs the
needed win32all library)

Optional tools for writing scripts:
* Eclipse with pydev plugin ( great for writing, running and debugging
scripts) - recommended!!
* Emacs  - for script writing
* Notepad++ - for script writing
* PythonWin IDE installed with Activestate Python - - for script writing and running


This was completely written in Python to be used as a QA/Development
tool for Web testing.

You will find this is one of the easiest automation tool to use for
automating Internet Explorer.

PAMIE is a class file ( that you import and you can calls its

methods to write scripts that
automate your IE browser client.

Used with PY unit you can write complex Web testing frameworks.

* Automate Web testing
* Use along with Jmeter for Performance testing.
* Load Testing


New Enhancements:
Frames support
improved report status

Just a few of the methods available:

_frameWait - waits for user speficied frame document to load
_wait - wait for documetn to load
checkForFormName - check to see if a formname exists in the document
checkForFrameName -- check to see if a framename exists
ClickBtnImage - Clicks on an input type image button
ClickButton - Click on a button
ClickImage - clicks on an Image
ClickLink - Clicks on a link
ClickMenu - Clicks on an menu item,link
ClickMenuImage - Clicks on an menu item that is a image.
Click a Menu or Sub Menu Item
ClickNthImage click on the Nth Image
ClickNthLink - click on the Nth link
ClickOuterLink - clicks  on a link using outertext
ClickPageLink - click on the page link
GetTextBox - get tectbox value
SettextBox  - Sets texbox value
GetNames - get the names of the form elements
GetListbox - gets selected listbox item
SetlistBox - sets selected listbox item
GetRadioButton - Gets Radio button status
SetRadioButton  - Sets Radio button
GetRadioButtonSet - same as above
getTableData - returns the text in table
showAllTableText - finds all text(indexed)in table on the web page
showTableLinkText - finds the link text
dialogcontroller - manipulates modal dialogs
ExecuteJS - executes a JavaScript Function on the page
and much much more !!! 

Check it out! 

Thank you 
R.L. Marchetti

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