Initial release of Pathena Desktop Search

Ben Di Vito bdivito at
Tue Nov 1 03:46:10 CET 2005

Pathena is a new experimental application for indexing files on
desktops running Unix-family operating systems.  It was designed with
technically oriented users in mind.  Pathena consists of a PostgreSQL
server plus a GUI client implemented with Python and Tkinter.
Tsearch2, a companion package distributed with PostgreSQL, provides
the full-text search engine.

Search features enable users to find files based on path name or file
content.  User-defined profiles guide the discovery of relevant items
within the user's file system.  The initial set of supported file
types includes text and source files, e-mail messages in 'maildir'
format, various document types, and assorted others.

Pathena is registered on PgFoundry, the PostgreSQL Development Group's
site for developing and publishing PostgreSQL-related software.

A longer description of the tool is available on the home page:

A project page is also available on PgFoundry:

The release can be downloaded from either place.

Ben Di Vito

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