ANN: atomixlib 0.3.0

Sylvain Hellegouarch sh at
Sun Nov 6 00:38:26 CET 2005

atomixlib 0.3.0

Available at :

What's new?

* It breaks the compatibility with previous version. Mainly you do not need to
pass the current atom element being constructed to the Atomix methods. Instead
the Atomix class keeps an handle to that element internally.
* It adds a lot more documentation via docstrings and an epydoc version of the
* It fixes some issues with XHTML content
* It is more flexible for creating the atom document (feed or entry based).
* It improves performances of atomixlib since 0.2.0

Get atomixlib

What's atomixlib?
A Python module to facilitate Atom 1.0 documents generation.


I would like to thank Uche Ogbuji for discussing atomixlib so much and giving me
some very neat ideas.

- Sylvain Hellegouarch

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