ANN: eric3 3.8.0 released

Detlev Offenbach detlev at
Mon Nov 7 12:16:02 CET 2005


this is to inform you about the release of eric3 3.8.0. It is available

The list below summarizes the difference between eric3 3.7.x and 3.8.x

- too long list of bugfixes to mention here
- these usability enhancements

  -- added possibility for path translation for passive debugging
     and remote debugging (Configuration Dialog -> Debugger -> General)
  -- added support for project specific debugger settings
     (see Project menu -> Debugger)
  -- added support for special watchpoint conditions
     (variable is created, variable is changed)

  -- added capability to generate source documentation using CSS style 
     sheets to the eric3-doc utility (including the default style and
     a style with reversed headers) (Note: eric3-helpviewer cannot
     show the styles due to the limited HTML support in QTextBrowser)
  -- added the flag '-t' to eric-doc and eric-api to tell them
     to look for additional files

  -- added additional lexers (CSS files, TeX files, 
     Diff files, Make Files, Properties Files and Batch Files)
     (QScintilla > 1.5.x is required)

  -- some interface cleanups and little reorganization of the
     configuration dialog
  -- added action to open multiple files
  -- added the capability to use %-codes for entering command line
     arguments. Supported codes are:
       %D   directory of the current editor
       %F   filename of the current editor
       %H   home directory of the current user
       %U   user name of the current user
       %%   the percent sign
     This functionality is available in the following dialogs:
       configuration dialog, Debugger->General page
       version control system, Command Options
       cvs, Execute Command
       subversion, Execute Command
       mercurial, Execute command
       Tools Configuration
  -- added a configuration option to set the default encoding for
     files, that don't contain an encoding marker

  -- added the capability to delete shapes to the graphics dialogs

  -- some optimisations and additions in the project browsers
  -- added configurable filetype associations for projects
  -- changed "Add file dialog" to allow the addition of
     multiple files to the project

  -- enhanced Ruby support (thanks to Richard Dale)

  -- changed the shell completion to use the Scintilla userlist.
     It is activated by pressing the TAB key and deactivated
     by pressing the ESC key (without selection) or the TAB or
     ENTER key (with selection).

  -- extended task management with categorization and a colorized

  -- added a templates system

  -- added support for cx_Freeze (FreezePython)
  -- added support for PyLint

  -- added the commandline option "--nokde" to disable usage of the
     KDE dialogs
  -- switching the editor will highlight the current file in
     the project browser
  -- added a context menu for the "Listspace" view manager
  -- added an incremental quicksearch to the search toolbar

  -- added support for Mercurial VCS

What is it?
eric3 is a Python and Ruby IDE with batteries included. For details see
the eric3 home page.

Detlev Offenbach
detlev at

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