Chicago Python Users Group, Thurs Nov 10

Ian Bicking ianb at
Tue Nov 8 09:23:58 CET 2005

November topics are "Remote, Generic and Random", just like us.

We'll have presentations on PyRO (Python Remote Objects) by Fawad
Halim, generic functions (as implemented in RuleDispatch) by Ian
Bicking, and the standard library random module by Robert Ramsdell.

There will also be time to chat, and many opportunities to ask
questions. We encourage people at all levels to attend.

We'll be meeting at 7 PM, Thursday November 10, in downtown Chicago at
Performics 180 N. Lasalle 12th floor.  RSVP is necessary for building
security, email chris.mcavoy at with a subject of "RSVP for
ChiPy" to be added to the list.  If you aren't sure if you can come,
email just in case.

About ChiPy (

ChiPy meets on the second Thursday of each month, at different
locations around Chicagoland.  If you are interested in goings-on,
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