ANN: indra -- interfaces for web applications

Martin Blais blais at
Wed Nov 9 19:22:10 CET 2005

Indra is a set of simple programming interfaces that were defined with
the intention of isolating web application code from specific
back-ends. The goal is to be able to write powerful web applications
with a clear separation that allows easily retargeting an application
to a different backend, without having to rewrite the application


When I wrote these interfaces, I was writing my own web application
framework, and I worried about writing code that could not be
retargeted to another platform in the future. What I decided to do was
formalize what the interface between my application's code and the web
app framework. To this effect, I had to identify what were the core
components that I was using and came up with this set of interfaces.

I have since implemented a web framework that implements all the
interfaces provides by Indra. The interfaces are relatively low-level,
and it would be easy to implement the same set of interfaces on other

(Since I thought this might be useful to others, I decided to share
it.  Here it is.)

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