SciPy 0.4.3 released (built against 0.6.1 of scipy_core)

Travis Oliphant oliphant at
Sun Nov 13 06:24:14 CET 2005


Full scipy builds on top of scipy_core to provide many more tools for 
computational science and engineering.  Included are tools for 
optimization, integration (including ode solvers), signal processing, 
sparse matrices, complete FFTs, complete linear algebra, statistical 
functions, input and output routines, interpolation, integration, and 
many special functions.

SciPy 0.4.3

This version is the first release to build on top of the new scipy_core 
(v 0.6.1).  The code is relatively stable, but there may be some 
lingering bugs from the transition from Numeric.  Please report any 
errors you find.  The LICENSE is a BSD style License---the same as 
scipy_core.  More information can be found (some of which is dated) at  The sourceforge site where it can be downloaded 

<P><A HREF="">SciPy (full) 0.4.3</A> - Extension 
modules for scipy_core (12-Nov-05)

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