ANN: PySizer 0.1

Nick Smallbone nick.smallbone at
Sun Nov 13 23:35:36 CET 2005

I'd like to announce the first release of PySizer, a memory usage
profiler for Python code.
PySizer was written as part of Google's Summer of Code.

The source, documentation and so on are at
The current release is at
The code is kept in a Subversion repository at

The idea is to take a snapshot of memory use at some time, and then
use the functions of the profiler to find information about it.

* You can make a snapshot of all reachable objects at a given time,
  organised as a tree (well, a graph, since there are cycles).

* For any given object, you can find out how much space it takes up,
  what objects it references and so on.

  With a patched version of Python, you can also find out what stack of
  function calls created an object, and what objects were created by
  each stack of calls.

* You can collect objects into groups. For example, you can group each
  object according to the module it appears to come from. Then you can
  treat each module as a single object.

* You can filter objects, find the amount of space used by instances of
  each type, find objects which appeared from one snapshot to the next,
  find the biggest objects/types/groups, and so on.

The main one is Python 2.4 - I will port it to 2.3 soon.

Bugs, suggestions, comments, problems, anything else
You can contact me at nick.smallbone at I would love to know if
you find a use for it, too.

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