ANN: PyDO 2.0rc1

Jacob Smullyan smulloni at
Thu Nov 17 22:28:54 CET 2005

I'm pleased to announce the release of PyDO-2.0rc1.

What's New

* If you pass in a module via the new "module" keyword argument of the
  project() method of PyDO objects and the autoschema function, the
  dynamically generated classes generated will be associated with that
  module so it can be pickled and unpickled.
* several bugfixes, with corresponding tests.
What it is

PyDO is Drew Csillag's ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) database access
library for Python that facilitates writing a Python database access
layer.  PyDO attempts to be simple, flexible, extensible, and

PyDO 2 is a rewrite of the 1.x series distributed with SkunkWeb.
It has several enhancements:

   * PyDO can now be used in multi-threaded or twisted-style
     asynchronous sitations, with or without a customizable connection

   * PyDO objects are now dict subclasses, but also support attribute
     access to fields.

   * Projections -- subsets of the field list of a super-class -- are
     now supported by the PyDO.project() method.

   * Table attributes are now declared in a more concise way.

   * PyDO2 supports runtime table introspection.

   * Overall, the API has been tightened and the code restructured.

PyDO 2 requires Python 2.4 or later.  It currently supports
PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sqlite, MSSQL, and Oracle.  

PyDO is dual GPL/BSD licensed.

The source tarball is available at SkunkWeb's berlios site:

or, more directly:

or at the cheeseshop:


or install it with easy_install:

   easy_install PyDO

Questions pertaining to PyDO can be addressed to the SkunkWeb mailing
list at sourceforge:


Jacob Smullyan <smulloni at>

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