ANN: FormEncode 0.4

Ian Bicking ianb at
Mon Nov 21 01:21:57 CET 2005

I'm pleased to announce FormEncode 0.4.

What Changed?

Lots of cleanups and clarifications.  Also a module to integrate with
SQLObject.  Read all about the changes:

What is it?

FormEncode is a package for form validation and conversion.  It also
includes modules for parsing, filling, and extracting metadata from HTML
forms.  It features robust conversion both of incoming and outgoing
data, attention paid to helpful error messages, and a wide variety of
pre-build validators.  It also supports composition of validators, and
validating structured data, including nested and repeating form elements.

FormEncode is being used in several projects, including Subway,
TurboGears, and SQLObject.

Where is it?

Website and docs:

Ian Bicking  |  ianb at  |

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