ANN: Porcupine Web Application Server 0.0.5 released t.koutsovassilis at
Wed Nov 23 19:24:53 CET 2005

Sorry for posting this again but the new release is the 0.0.5 and not
the 0.0.4.

QuiX now supports radio buttons and timers (timeouts and intervals).
This release also introduces a couple of useful desktop enhancements.
The task bar context menu allows the user to minimize all windows or
activate the desired window at once. Each user is also capable of
choosing the task bar position (top or bottom).
The object query language (POQL) is enriched by adding a new function
named "instanceof". This function returns "true" if an object is a
subclass of a given type.
Finally a new dictionary data type is added to the list of the primary
data types and the user content class has a new attribute used for
keeping his/her preferences.

One step closer to our vision; the WebOS.

What is Porcupine?

Porcupine online demo:

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Developer resources:,com_remository/Itemid,33/func,selectcat/cat,3/

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