Simple prototype text editor in python thakadu at
Wed Oct 5 19:02:09 CEST 2005

I have written a small console based editor in python
as an experiment. It is just over 300 lines of code
including some junk that I have not weeded out yet.
It uses the curses library.
It is EXTREMELY basic at the moment and cannot be
used for anything other than experimentation.
Only a few keystrokes are currently implemented
such as ^S save, ^E end of line, ^A beginning of line,
^F, ^B, ^N, ^P and arrow keys for cursor movement
^L delete line, baskspace and that is just about it.
Apart from that I created it with a view to a plugin
architecture to be implemented so that it will
be possible for example for users to specify
complete python functions in a .rc file that
overide key bindings.
I created it to learn about curses, python and
to gain insight into how editors are written
(or not written :-) )
If anyone is interested in the code or in giving
some ideas or indeed has done something similar
I would love to heard from you.


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