ABT 0.7

Maxime Biais maxime.biais at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 17:04:07 CEST 2005

Initial release of ABT 0.7 under QPL license


ABT automates the building of projects by executing the minimum set of
commands to update the project like the famous Make.

ABT is given a file, called the recipe (filename is abt-recipe.xml),
that describes how the files that make up the project are related (how
they are dependent upon one another) and how to update (build) those
files. ABT checks the dates on the files to see if any need to be
updated (when a target is older than one of its sources). If there are
files that need to be updated, ABT executes the rule actions specified
in the recipe for that purpose.

ABT have also testing features that permit you to check if binaries you
need to build your sources are present on the installation system. This
checking phase is cached. Command execution are OS dependant so you can
specify commands depending if you are running windows or unix system.

ABT is the perfet tool for fast Jython/Java based application packaging
and deployement because it may be integrated in the distribution and
boostraped by the Jython interpreter. It's usefull for all kins of
project and is not limited to Jython/Java projects.

ABT is pure Python 2.1 written and so is interpretable with Jython.

It includes a basic Makefile2recipe converter helping you migrating
from Makefiles.

Maxime Biais : <maxime.biais (AT) artenum.com>

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