pyExcelerator 0.6.3a is now available

Roman V. Kiseliov unicorn at
Wed Oct 26 10:10:36 CEST 2005

I'm pleased to announce that pyExcelerator 0.6.3a is now available for



What can you do with pyExcelerator:

Generating Excel 97+ files with Python 2.4+ (need decorators),

importing Excel 95+ files,

support for UNICODE in Excel files,

using variety of formatting features and printing options,

formulas, dates, numbers support,

Excel files and OLE2 compound files dumper.

No need in Windows/COM,

pure Python code.

0.6.3a (25.10.2005)
    * slightly new algorithm for reading OLE2 files. I hope it is
      more robust
    * splitting and frozing
    * worksheet protection
    * protection password
    * workbook protection
    * new example:,,
    * extracting formula results
    * speed optmizations(for example, benchmark runs about 
      20-30% faster)
    * updated THANKS file
    * xls2csv, xls2txt, xls2html now resides in ./tools



If you downloaded pyExcelerator's copy, please send me any postcard:

Roman V. Kiseliov




Libknecht St., 4




Roman V. Kiseliov

roman at


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