Flightdeck-UI Online Source Code Available

George Belotsky python at openlight.com
Fri Oct 28 17:30:04 CEST 2005

The Flightdeck-UI Online source code is now available under the GPL
version 2.  This is an advanced beta; few changes (if any) are
anticipated before the stable release.

The distribution includes detailed installation instructions and two
example control panels.  The installation is designed to be a very
simple process -- please contact the author if you have questions.

See the homepage:


or download directly from:


What is Flightdeck-UI

The goal of the Flightdeck-UI project is to apply ideas from aircraft
instrumentation design to general purpose user interfaces.

The new web service version (Flightdeck-UI Online) retains the plug-in
architecture of previous releases.  Each plugin, however, may now be
monitored at different sampling rates.  Multiple data sources (hosts
on the Internet, embedded devices, etc.) can be tracked

Also, virtually any Unix command that you enter from the shell can be
automatically executed by Flightdeck-UI Online, and the results
displayed by the system's virtual instruments.

Although the web service requires a Flash front end (developed using
only the MTASC open source ActionScript compiler; see
http://www.mtasc.org/) Flightdeck-UI Online is still primarily written
in Python.

The author welcomes any ideas and suggestions: please email them directly
to "python at openlight.com".

Best Wishes,

George Belotsky.

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