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Fri Sep 2 14:02:58 CEST 2005

unicode is a simple python command line utility that displays
properties for a given unicode character, or searches
unicode database for a given name.
It was written with Linux in mind, but should work almost everywhere
(including MS Windows and MacOSX), UTF-8 console is recommended.

Changes since previous versions:

* catch an exception if locale.nl_langinfo is not present (thanks to
  Michael Weir). As a result, it works with ActiveState Python on MS
* default to no colour if the system in MS Windows
* put back accidentally disabled left-to-right mark - as a
  result, tabular display of arabic, hebrew and other RTL scripts
  is much better (the bug manifested itself only on powerful i18n 
  terminals, such as mlterm)
Radovan Garabík 



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