ANN: PyPy Sprint in Paris October 10th to 16th

Ludovic Aubry ludal at
Mon Sep 5 17:00:30 CEST 2005

Here is the official sprint announcement
You can also find it here :

PyPy Sprint in Paris 10th - 16th October 2005 

The next PyPy sprint will take place in Paris at Logilab's office
in France from the 10th to the 16th of October 2005 
(both days fully included). 

To learn more about the new PyPy Python implementation look here: 

Goals and topics of the sprint 

Now that pypy-0.7.0_ has been released, it is time for refactoring and
of the next features.

For these reasons the currently scheduled  main topics of this 
sprint will be: 

 - threading and GC
 - refactoring and translation features
 - discussing/experimenting towards JIT_ and `continuation-passing`_
   style translation 

Moreover, we are open to work in other areas that participants are
interested in.  Please raise topics on the mailinglist_. 

Location & Accomodation  

The sprint will be held in Logilab's offices in Paris. The exact address

  10 rue Louis Vicat
  75015 Paris

We'll provide WLAN connection and there is a small kitchen to make tea
and coffee.  `See here`_ for a map of the area nearby.

There are two metro lines and three bus lines that stop close to

 - Metro line 12 : stop "Porte de Versailles"
 - Metro line 13 : stop "Malakoff plateau de Vanves"
 - Bus 89 or 58 : stop "Carrefour Albert Legris"
 - Bus PC1 : stop "Porte de la Plaine"

Those are more or less within 5 minutes walk.

There is a huge number of hotels_ in Paris, all of which are
unfortunately rather expensive. Here is another site for `hotels en

It should be no problem to reach the sprint venue from anywhere in
Paris using public transportation. However it would be better to find
accomodation in the southern districts (14th, 15th) or in the nearby
towns (Malakoff, Vanves) not far from Paris. Another good choice is to
find an hotel near one of the metro line above. (avoid long bus trips
as it takes more time.)

Looking at the map here: hotels_, the area you should look at is
between (3) and (6), (5) is still ok.

As an alternative you could also try to group (4 or 5 people) and try
to rent a furnished appartment for the week. Almost all announces from
French websites come from `Lodgis agency`_. They are rather expensive
but most of the time it can be cheaper than hotels. For the more
adventurous you can look on the french site pap_ which lists rental
ads. (select appartements, département=75, arrondissements=15,14,13)

For transportation we strongly recommend the public transportation
(metro and buses).  There are weekly tickets (monday to sunday) from
15.70 euros (Zone 1-2). You need a picture (ID format) and ask for a
*Carte Orange*.

Don't get the tourist's cards which are more expensive and valid only
for 5 days.  Also note that zone 1-2 won't pay for your ticket from
the airport and is valid only (mostly) inside Paris. If you arrive by
plane this will be most probably at Roissy airport and from there you
can take the RER line B to Paris for about 8 euros.

.. _`See here`:
.. _hotels:
.. _`hotels en France`:
.. _pap:
.. _`Lodgis agency`: 

Exact times 

The PyPy sprint is held Monday 10th October - Sunday 16th October
2005.  Hours will be from 09:00 until 20:00. It's a good idea to
arrive a day before the sprint starts and leave a day later.  
In the middle of the sprint there usually is a break day 
and it's usually ok to take half-days off if you feel like it. 

Network, Food

There are plenty of restaurants and sandwich places around and a big
for those who would rather make their own food.

You will probably need a wireless network card to access the network but
we can
provide ethernet cables for those who don't have one.

Registration etc. 

Please subscribe to the `PyPy sprint mailing list`_, introduce
yourself and post a note that you want to come.  

Feel free to ask any questions there!  There also is a separate  
`Paris people`_ page tracking who is already thought
to come.  If you have commit rights on codespeak then
you can modify yourself a checkout of 

.. _`Paris people`: 
.. _`mailinglist`: 
.. _`PyPy sprint mailing list`:
.. _`pypy-0.7.0`:
.. _JIT:
.. _`continuation-passing`:

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