ANN: Karrigell-2.1.9 released

Pierre Quentel quentel.pierre at
Sat Sep 10 10:28:34 CEST 2005

Hello Python folks,

A new version of Karrigell ( has been 

It's a Pythonic web framework, with an almost flat learning curve :

- all you need to know is Python and HTML

- as in Python, the simple tasks are very easy to program (the Hello 
world script is simply "print 'Hello world'"), and for the more 
difficult ones (session management, authentication, localization...), 
the syntax remains simple and intuitive

- you can start developing with the built-in web server and the gadfly 
database included in the package, without any manual configuration

- many demos are provided, including a wiki server, "kwiki" (a wiki 
using FCKEditor to edit pages), a forum, a calendar and many more

Developers will find it very flexible, with a variety of coding styles, 
from pure Python scripts to the PHP-like "Python Inside HTML". You can 
also use "Karrigell services", Python scripts where the functions are 
mapped to URLS

First designed as a lightweight solution, targetting simple, small-scale 
applications running on home PCs for instance, it has evolved into a 
more scalable product, adapted to more complex applications. It is now 
supported on shared web hosting by, running behind Apache

It's been around for nearly 3 years now, and is still evolving 
regularly. This new version adds many new features, a better 
documentation, and fixes a couple of bugs


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