ANN: retest 0.5

Christof csad7 at
Sun Sep 11 18:24:03 CEST 2005

what is it
A simple Server which enables tests of Python regular expressions (re 
module) in a webbrowser. Uses SimpleHTTPServer and AJAX.

You need: Python, a modern webbrowser like Firefox, IE (from 5.5), 
Safari or Opera (from 8) which handles XMLHttpRequest.

* added re.match and, both show groups and named groups if any 
* added accesskeys for all functionalities

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

current version: - 050911, from

Tested with Python 2.4.1, Firefox 1.06, Internet Explorer 6 and Opera 
8.02 on Windows XP only. Seems to work best with Firefox and Opera, any 
feedback (success or failure ;) is welcome.

Start the server with >python and open 
http://localhost:8087/ in your webbrowser. You

might want to adjust the PORT used in

The usage of the application itself should be self explanatory, take a 
look in the Python

documentation for the re module.

any comment will be appreciated, thanks
christof hoeke

<P><A HREF="">retest 0.5</A> - test Python 
regular expressions in a

webbrowser (11-Sep-05)

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