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Thu Sep 15 15:22:30 CEST 2005

pybwidget is a Python wrapper around the 'bwidget' family of widgets for
Tkinter.  It includes these classes:
    Entry Label Button ArrowButton ProgressBar ScrollView Separator
    MainFrame LabelFrame TitleFrame PanelFrame ScrolledWindow
    ScrollableFrame PanedWindow ButtonBox PagesManager NoteBook Dialog
    StatusBar LabelEntry ComboBox SpinBox Tree ListBox MessageDialog
    ProgressDialog PasswordDialog SelectFont SelectColor 

I know it's been a long time, but I've finally gotten around to making a
new release of pybwidget, called 0.1.2_1.7.0.

It has all the fixes I could find that have been mentioned in the
tkinter-discuss mailing list archives.  Compared to 0.1.1, here's a
summary of changes:
    * add ROOT as a module-level constant, as requested
    * bindtabs, bind_image, bind_text all handle the 'func' parameter
    * several instances of '' corrected to ''
    * the 'nodes' function of the Tree widget now passes all arguments
      to Tk
    * The xbm-format images are installed by
    * how to run is mentioned in README.html

This release is available at

Please report your experiences, good or bad, on the Tkinter mailing list
    tkinter-discuss at 

Jeff Epler
jepler at
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