[ANN] Release 0.47 of Task Coach

Frank Niessink frank at niessink.com
Sun Sep 18 16:41:56 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce release 0.47 of Task Coach. New in this release:

Bugs fixed:

* 'View'->'All tasks' now also resets any search criterium entered
   by the user in the search bar.
* When opening a task with a (long) description, the cursor will be
   positioned on the first line of the text, instead of on the last
* When viewing tasks due before a certain date in the tree view,
   tasks with subtasks due before that date will be visible.

Features added:

* Added Hungarian translation thanks to Majsa Norbert
* The task tree view now also shows columns with task details,
   similar to the task list view
* Sorting on task subject can now also be case insensitive. See the
   menu item 'View' -> 'Sort' -> 'Sort case sensitive'.
* Recent files are remembered and can be opened from the File menu.
   The maximum number of recent files shown can be set in the
   Preferences dialog. Set the maximum to zero to disable this
* The last modification time of tasks can be viewed.

What is Task Coach?

Task Coach is a simple task manager that allows for hierarchical
tasks, i.e. tasks in tasks. Task Coach is open source (GPL) and is
developed using Python and wxPython. You can download Task Coach from:


A binary installer is available for Windows XP, in addition to the
source distribution.

Note that Task Coach is alpha software, meaning that it is wise to back
up your task file regularly, and especially when upgrading to a new release.

Cheers, Frank

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