ANNOUNCE: KirbyBase 1.9

Jamey Cribbs jcribbs at
Tue Sep 20 02:54:29 CEST 2005

KirbyBase is a simple, plain-text, database management system written in 
Python.  It can be used either embedded in a python script or in a 
client/server, multi-user mode.  You use python code to express your 
queries instead of having to use another language such as SQL.  
KirbyBase is disk-based, not memory-based.  Database changes are 
immediately written to disk.

You can find more information on KirbyBase at:

You can download KirbyBase for Python at:

I would like to thank David Edwards and Pierre Quentel for their 
contributions to this release.

Changes in Version 1.9:

        -Fixed a bug that can occur on very fast machines when sending data
         between the client and the server.  Thanks to David Edwards for
         this fix.

        -Added a method, setDefaultReturnType, that allows you to, set the
         default return type of results from the select method.  The default
         is still 'list', but you can set it to 'list', 'object', or 'dict'.
         Thanks to David Edwards for this suggested enhancement.
        -Added methods addFields and dropFields.  These allow you to add new
         columns to a table and remove existing columns from the table.
         Thanks to Pierre Quentel for the code for these two 

Jamey Cribbs
jcribbs at

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