Upcoming Python talk in Toronto

George Belotsky python at openlight.com
Thu Sep 22 15:58:26 CEST 2005

Seneca College is Canada's largest, with over 100,000 students and
more than 260 programs.  On October 24, 2005, Seneca will be hosting
their 4th annual "Free Software and Open Source Symposium" in Toronto,
Ontario.  Here is a link to the agenda.


I will be giving a Python talk at the symposium.  The talk is titled
"Python Power -- Learning, Teaching and Doing with the World's Easiest
Programming Language".  

The talk is based on 3 short programs, which gives the audience a
practical sense of the broad application range, ease of use, and power
of Python.  The following link leads to an overview of the presentation.


Hope to see you all there :-)


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