ANN: Voidspace Updates - Jalopy, logintools, textmacros, downman (etc)

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Fri Sep 23 12:53:12 CEST 2005

Hello All,

There have been various updates to the Voidspace modules :

Jalopy 0.6.0

A collaborative website designer (CGI). It uses Kupu
( ) the WYSIWYG HTML editor.

This update moves to Kupu 1.3 and the pythonutils 0.2.2 set of modules.

logintools 0.6.0

A CGI framework for user authentication and account management. Add
user login to your CGI applications with two lines of code !

This update moves to the pythonutils 0.2.2 set of modules. logintools
is now being used on another project and seeing some development work.


A textmacro system for adding features to docutils
( ).

This update makes it *much* easier to use (it now behaves like the
```` script). Easily add Python source coloring, smilies,
and accronyms (and much more) to reStructured Text.

downman 0.4.1

A CGI download manager. Present files for download and statistics
(basic) about download rates.

This update has a security fix and uses the pythonutils 0.2.2 set of
modules. Also other minor updates. It also needs the updated version of

cgiutils 0.3.3

A helpful set of constants and functions when working with CGI scripts.

This update has two bugfixes.

copy2cgi 1.1.1

A small convenience script to copy files and directories to a target
location. Useful for copying files to a server directory for testing.

pycrypto 2.0.1

I've (finally) updated the prebuild windows binary of PyCrypto (Python
2.4) to the 2.0.1 version.

All the best,


All the Voidspace modules and applications are available under the OSI
Approved Open Source BSD License -

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