ANN: PyGUI 1.7

greg greg at
Sat Apr 1 10:25:44 CEST 2006

PyGUI 1.7 is now available:

New features:

   * GL.DisplayList class for managing OpenGL display
     lists in a similar way to the GL.Texture class
     introduced in 1.6.

   * Facilites for displaying a chosen cursor when the
     mouse is over a View.

   * Facilities for locating resources associated with
     an application.

Bug fixes:

   * Cocoa: Getting the extent property of a ScrollableView
     did not work.

   * Cocoa: Worked around a PyObjC bug that was causing Tasks
     to leak memory.

   * Cocoa: Request New File dialog with a file type having
     a Macintosh type code did not work.

Plus a number of other modifications, see CHANGES.txt in the
distribution for details.

What is PyGUI?

PyGUI is an experimental highly-Pythonic cross-platform
GUI API. Implementations are currently available for
MacOSX and Gtk. For a full description of the project
goals, see the PyGUI web page at the above address.

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