[ANN] Karrigell-2.2.3 released

Pierre Quentel quentel.pierre at wanadoo.fr
Sun Apr 2 09:12:39 CEST 2006

The new version of the web framework Karrigell has been released a few 
days ago

Its main feature is the support of Unicode

Karrigell is provided with an integrated web server and a Python 
database (KirbyBase) so that you can start programming simple 
applications without anything else. For more ambitious uses, you can run 
it behind Apache and with all the databases for which a Python API exists

The principle of Karrigell is that scripts are run in a namespace with 
all the variables you need already set : form fields, functions for 
session management and authentication, exceptions, etc

For instance, suppose you ask a user to enter his login with <input 
name="login"> and you want to store it using sessions. You would just 
have to put this in a script :

Session().user = _login

Without having anything to import, the script will find the name Session 
bound to a function that returns a browser-specific session object, and 
the name _login which is the value of the form field <input name="login">

Read more on the tutorial : http://quentel.python-hosting.com/wiki/index.pih


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