ANN: 3 new videos on Python Objects

Ian Ozsvald ian at
Fri Apr 14 19:12:05 CEST 2006

At we have 3 new videos by Jerol Harrington
introducing Python Objects:
and 5 videos for beginners to wxPython:
making a total of 20 ShowMeDo videos, mostly about Python, all free.

Jerol Harrington's ShowMeDos use the IPython shell to give an introduction 
to using 'class', '__init__', inheritance and attributes.  I have been 
using Python for 3 years and I got something out of each of the videos.  
These videos represent our first user-contribution - thanks Jerol!

In the 5 wxPython videos Kyran Dale walks you through the first steps
of using wxPython - from downloading, installing (MS Windows), a first
application and on to menubars and event handling.

Also, in our latest update we have enabled voting on other user's requests:
There are 14 requests right now, feel free to share your view on which 
videos you would like to see.  Some of the requests include 
List Comprehensions, py2exe, wxGlade, PyDev and other IDEs.  

Please get in touch if we're missing a topic that ought to be included, we 
will do our best to have new ShowMeDos made.

Free videos (we call them ShowMeDos) showing you how to do things.  
The videos are made by us and our users, for everyone.

Ian Ozsvald, Kyran Dale

ian at (

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