gSculpt - open source procedural 3d modeller

Geoffrey French gsculpt at
Sat Apr 15 15:53:44 CEST 2006

Announcing gSculpt v0.99.5-alpha

gSculpt is an open source, procedural 3d modelling application.
It can be found at:
It is still in the alpha stages, so early days yet.

It is written in Python and C++.
It currently runs on Linux only.

I would be very grateful for any feedback on peoples experiences
with compiling and running gSculpt.

I intend to produce a Win32 version in the future. My attempts so
far have not yielded much success. If anyone with experience with
porting Python extensions (using boost::python) from Linux to C++
could render any assistance in this regard, either in an advisory
or active role, I would be very grateful.

- Mr. Meanie
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