Python used to animate a compiled C program

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Sat Apr 15 23:24:08 CEST 2006

SailChallenge was originally a program in C.  It simulates a sailboat 
being navigated by an ANN (Artificial Neural Network).  Now a Python 
"front end" has been created which invokes the compiled C program, and 
then captures the real time text output, converting it into an 
animation.  A screen shot can be seen on our website.

SailChallenge-2.0 is a free download from  All source code is included, 
both C and Python.  It will run on linux or Windows.  Windows .exe files 
are available for Windows users who don't wish to compile the C code.

Mitchell Timin

I'm proud of  If you want to write software,
or articles, or do testing or research for ANNEvolve, let me know.

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