ANN: pywinauto 0.3.3 released - bug fixes, added methods, removed deprecated methods

Mark Mc Mahon mark.m.mcmahon at
Thu Apr 20 01:52:46 CEST 2006


0.3.3 release of pywinauto is now available.

pywinauto is a set of open-source (LGPL) modules for using Python as a GUI
automation 'driver' for Windows NT based Operating Systems (NT/W2K/XP).

SourceForge project page:

Download from SourceForge

Here is the list of changes from 0.3.2:

0.3.3 Added some methods, and fixed some small bugs

    * Added a wait for the control to be active and configurable
      sleeps after 'modifying' actions (e.g. Select, Deselect, etc)

    * Fixed Timings.Slow() and Timings.Fast() - they could in certain
      circumstances do the opposite! If you had already set a timing
      slower or faster then they would set it then they would blindly
      ignore that and set their own times. I added functionality that
      they will take either the slowest or fastest of the new/current
      setting rather then blindly setting to the new value.

    * Fixed some hidden bugs with HwndWrapper.CloseClick()

    * Fixed a bug in that would raise an error when no
      argument was specified

    * Added an argument to HwndWrapper.SendMessageTimeout so that
      the wait options could be passed in.

    * Added HwndWrapper.Close(), Maximize(), Minimize(), Restore()
      and GetShowState().

    * Commented out all deprecated methods (will be removed completely
      in some future release).

    * Added Application.kill_() method - which closes all windows and
      kills the application. If the application is asking if you want
      to save your changes - you will not be able to click yes or no
      and the application will be killed anyway!.

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Mark Mc Mahon
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<P><A HREF="">pywinauto 0.3.3</A>
Simple Windows GUI automation with Python. (19-Apr-06)

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