ANN: PyScript 0.6.0 released

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Mon Apr 24 18:11:42 CEST 2006


  PyScript is a python module for producing high quality postscript 
  graphics. Rather than use a GUI to draw a picture, the picture is 
  programmed using python and the PyScript objects.
  Some of the key features are:
      * All scripting is done in python, which is a high level, easy to 
        learn, well developed scripting language.
      * All the objects can be translated, scaled, rotated, ... in fact
        any affine transformation.
      * Plain text is automatically kerned.
      * You can place arbitrary LaTeX expressions on your figures.
      * You can create your own figure objects, and develop a library of 
        figure primitives.
      * Output is publication quality.


  Released under the GPL


  The major change in this release is a complete rewrite of the Talk and
  Poster classes of the presentation library.  There have also been 
  many bug fixes and minor other improvements.  For details see the 
  PyScript web page: 
  <a href=""></a>.

Getting the software:

  One can download the latest version (0.6) from:
  <a href="">PyScript</a>


  * Python 2.2 and above
  * An up-to-date LaTeX distribution


  * Alexei Gilchrist <aalexei at>
  * Paul Cochrane <paultcochrane at>

  If you use this software, have any suggestions, or bug reports, please let
  us know!

paultcochrane at

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