ANN: Urwid 0.9.6 - Console UI Library

Ian Ward ian at
Wed Aug 23 17:18:34 CEST 2006

Announcing Urwid 0.9.6

Urwid home page:


About this release:

This release improves Unicode support with Python < 2.4 and new features 
were added to the tutorial and reference generation scripts.

The example program introduced in 0.9.5 should now work 
properly for everyone.  Please let me know if you have any trouble with it.

New in this release:

   - Fixed Unicode conversion and locale issues when using Urwid with
     Python < 2.4.  The example program should now work
     properly with older versions of Python.

   - The script can now write out the tutorial
     example programs as individual files.

   - Updated reference documentation table of contents to show which
     widgets are flow and/or box widgets.

   - Columns.set_focus(..) will now accept an integer or a widget as
     its parameter.

   - Added detection for rxvt's HOME and END escape sequences.

   - Added support for setuptools (improved distutils).

About Urwid

Urwid is a console UI library for Python. It features fluid interface
resizing, UTF-8 support, multiple text layouts, simple attribute markup,
powerful scrolling list boxes and flexible interface design.

Urwid is released under the GNU LGPL.

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