SpamBayes 1.1a3

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Fri Aug 25 04:08:20 CEST 2006

The SpamBayes team is pleased to announce release 1.1a3 of SpamBayes.

As is now usual, this is both a release of the source code and of an
installation program for all Microsoft Windows users.

This is an *ALPHA* release.  It should only be installed by users willing to
try out experimental software, and almost certainly contains new bugs.  If
you don't know what an alpha release is, please stick with 1.0.4 for the

The 1.1 release has been worked on since May of 2004, so contains a vast
number of improvements over the 1.0.x line.  These include, but are not
limited to:

  * New database backends, including ZODB and ZOE.

  * Internationalisation support, including partial translations into French
    and Spanish.

  * Improved statistics reporting.

  * The ability to set audio notifications with the Outlook plug-in.

  * The ability to set the Outlook plug-in to move/copy ham, as well as

  * Partial POP3 over SSL support for sb_server.

  * A vastly improved sb_imapfilter.

  * Several new experimental options, include one designed to help extract
    text content from image-based spams.

Suggestions about what to try out can be found here:

This release, like the ill-fated 1.0.2 and 1.0.3, is built with Python 2.4.
We believe that the remaining incompatibilities with Python 2.4 have been
resolved, and so this release should also include superior email parsing to
the 1.0.x line.

Details about the changes in this release can be found at

You can get the release via the 'Download' page at

Enjoy the new release and your spam-free mailbox 

As always, thanks to everyone involved in this release!

Skip Montanaro.
(on behalf of the SpamBayes team)

--- What is SpamBayes? ---

The SpamBayes project is working on developing a Bayesian (of sorts)
anti-spam filter (in Python), initially based on the work of Paul Graham,
but since modified with ideas from Robinson, Peters, et al.

The project includes a number of different applications, all using the same
core code, ranging from a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, to a POP3 proxy, to
various command-line tools and a command-line-based framework for testing
new anti-spam techniques.

The Windows installation program will install either the Outlook add-in (for
Microsoft Outlook users), the SpamBayes server program (for all other POP3
mail client users, including Microsoft Outlook Express), or the SpamBayes
IMAP filter (for all IMAP mail client users). All Windows users (including
existing users of the Outlook add-in) are encouraged to use the installation

If you wish to use the source-code version, you will also need to install
Python - see README.txt in the source tree for more information.

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