[ANN] PyLucid CMS v0.7.0 released

Jens Diemer newsgroups at jensdiemer.de
Thu Aug 31 09:13:32 CEST 2006

about PyLucid
PyLucid is a lightweight, OpenSource ( GPL 2.x or newer ) content 
management system ( CMS ) written in Python WSGI. Nearly all output can 
be customized. No shell account is needed. You only need a standard 
webserver with Python (at least v2.2.1) CGI and MySQL ( mySQLdb ) to run 

You can use PyLucid as a Framework for you small Web-Application. 
Because you can make you own Plugins!
Look at: http://www.pylucid.org/index.py/DeveloperInfo/

PyLucid use the WSGI Standard, so you can run it as CGI, fastCGI, SCGI, 
AJP and others...

major changes
     * WSGI compatibly (using Colubrid - but not optimized)!
     * new template engine jinja in place of simpleTAL
     * new CSS and JS handling
     * new internal page editing
     * new: "List of all available Tags" when you edit a CMS page
     * new: PluginDownloader (a Plugin to make you own written Plugins
	downloadable for other Users) (available since v0.7RC2)
     * File oganisation changed
     * new /_install - Section (look at InstallAccess):
           o new 'low level Admin' Tools - example: 'rename all used
           o new 'info / tests' - many SQL-Server information
     * shortcut for every page. So the URLs are cleaner
     * No poormanmodrewrite! I think the URLs are good enough.

minor changes
     * internal Links works now with the new shortcuts!
     * You can make short Links to deep pages. Example: 
http://www.pylucid.org/index.py/Doku/Markup/TinyTextileExample/ -> 
     * DB dump improved (a little, but not really enough)
     * "list of new sides" improved (See how edit the pages)

Homepage..: http://www.pylucid.org
sf.net....: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pylucid/

Install instructions: http://www.pylucid.org/index.py/InstallPyLucid/


Jens Diemer

CMS in pure Python CGI: http://www.pylucid.org

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