New home for adns-python

Andy Dustman farcepest at
Sat Dec 2 20:22:33 CET 2006

I had been falling behind in patches for adns-python, so I thought it
would be a good idea to have a public site where it was easier for
people to contribute and report bugs. The new project page is:

Eventually I will probably add an announcements group, but there is
not likely to be much traffic here for the foreseeable future. For
now, there is a general discussion group:

I've applied one important patch since 1.1.0, and that fixes a memory
leak. If you are reading this from the Groups Beta interface, you
should see a tarball for 1.1.1 in the files section; otherwise, you
cannot see it. Unfortunately, there is some name-mangling and referrer
detection and so it's not really possible to distribute a URL to get
the file release. Additionally, currently doesn't
support flie releases, so I can't put it there, either.

If you are interested in becoming a project developer, let me know.

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