Announce: omniORB 4.1.0 and omniORBpy 3.0

Duncan Grisby duncan-news at
Wed Dec 6 11:37:57 CET 2006

I am pleased to announce that omniORB 4.1.0 and omniORBpy 3.0 are now
available. omniORB is a robust, high performance CORBA implementation
for C++; omniORBpy is a version for Python.

You can download them in source and Windows binary forms from
SourceForge here:

These are major new stable releases. The following is a summary of the
main new features:

 - Objects by value support.

 - Abstract interfaces support.

 - New simpler and more efficient Any implementation.

 - IPv6 support.

 - Flexible endpoint publishing.

 - New tracing options and more comprehensive logging.

 - C++ mapping updated to version 1.1.

 - New-style Python classes can now be used for servants and exception
   (required for Python 2.5).

 - Support for local interfaces (partial in Python)

 - New more scalable socket collection implementation.

Many thanks to the people who have contributed to these releases by
testing the betas and release candidates, and by contributing features
and fixes.



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