ffnet-0.5 (feed-forward neural network for python) released

mwojc wojciechowski_m at o2.pl
Thu Dec 7 20:16:31 CET 2006

ffnet is fast and easy to use feed-forward neural network training
solution for python. Using it you are able to train/test/save/load and
use artificial neural network with sigmoid activation functions.

Unique features present in ffnet: 1. Any network connectivity without
cycles is allowed (not only layered). 2. Training can be performed with
use of several optimization schemes including genetic alorithm based
optimization. 3. There is access to exact partial derivatives of
network outputs vs. its inputs. 4. Normalization of data is handled
automatically by ffnet.

Examples with full description can be found in examples  directory of
the source distribution downloadable from:

Visit also home page of the project:

Marek Wojciechowski

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