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Tue Dec 12 20:14:57 CET 2006


The release of wxPython is now available for download at  This is the first of the new stable
2.8.x release series and is the culmination of the massive enhancement
and stabalization effort done in the 2.7.x series.  Source code is
available, as well as binaries for both Python 2.4 and 2.5, for
Windows and Mac, as well some pacakges for various Linux distributions.
A summary of changes is listed below and also at

What is wxPython?

wxPython is a GUI toolkit for the Python programming language. It
allows Python programmers to create programs with a robust, highly
functional graphical user interface, simply and easily. It is
implemented as a Python extension module that wraps the GUI components
of the popular wxWidgets cross platform library, which is written in

wxPython is a cross-platform toolkit. This means that the same program
will usually run on multiple platforms without modifications.
Currently supported platforms are 32-bit Microsoft Windows, most Linux
or other Unix-like systems using GTK2, and Mac OS X 10.3+, in most
cases the native widgets are used on each platform to provide a 100%
native look and feel for the application.

Changes in

Lots of fixes and updates to the AUI classes.

Added wx.CollapsiblePane.  On wxGTK it uses a native expander widget,
on the other platforms a regular button is used to control the
collapsed/expanded state.

Added the wx.combo module, which contains the ComboCtrl and ComboPopup
classes.  These classes allow you to implement a wx.ComboBox-like
widget where the popup can be nearly any kind of widget, and where you
have a lot of control over other aspects of the combo widget as well.
It works very well on GTK and MSW, using native renderers for drawing
the combo button, but is unfortunatly still a bit klunky on OSX...

Use system default paper size for printing instead of A4 by default.

Added wx.combo.OwnerDrawnComboBox, which is a ComboCtrl that delegates
the drawing of the items in the popup and in the control itself to
overridden methods of a derived class, similarly to how wx.VListBox

Added wx.combo.BitmapComboBox which is a combobox that displays a
bitmap in front of the list items.

Added the wx.lib.mixins.inspect module.  It contains the InspectMixin
class which can be mixed with a wx.App class and provides a PyCrust
window that can be activated with a Ctrl-Alt-I keystroke (or Cmd-Alt-I
on the Mac.)

Added some modules from Riaan Booysen:

     * wx.lib.flagart:  contains icons of the flags of many countries.

     * makes images embedded in a python file
       with img2py available via the wx.ArtProvider.

     * wx.lib.langlistctrl: A wx.ListCtrl for selecting a language,
       which uses the country flag icons.

     * An I18N sample for the demo.

wx.lib.masked: Patch from Will Sadkin.  Includes Unicode fixes, plus
more helpful exceptions and ability to designate fields in mask
without intervening fixed characters.

Added wx.SearchCtrl, which is a composite of a wx.TextCtrl with optional
bitmap buttons and a drop-down menu.  Controls like this can typically
be found on a toolbar of applications that support some form of search
functionality.  On the Mac this control is implemented using the
native HISearchField control, on the other platforms a generic control
is used, although that may change in the future as more platforms
introduce native search widgets.

Added a set of button classes to wx.lib.buttons from David Hughes that
uses the native renderer to draw the button.

Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman  Java give you jitters?  Relax with wxPython!

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