ANN pyfs: python shell+ftp for PC, Nokia and XBOX

Michele Andreoli michele.andreoli at
Fri Dec 15 22:13:01 CET 2006

Pyfs is a (sort of) python replacement for shell+rsh+ftp+telnet, in a very
alpha development stage. Pyfs works on every platforms supporting Python,
with network connections in mind. Having the pyfs server running on the
machine A (a PC, a Nokia phone with Symbian S60, an XBOX console), you can
connect to A from another machine B (using the pyfs client), either via
TCP/IP, either via Bluetooth. After the connection is established, you can
interact with the remote python shell on A, or also start a form of
UNIX-like shell on A, with commands like cp, rm, ls, mkdir, etc, and even 
transfer files, in both directions.

Home page:

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