Front Range Pythoneers Meeting: Wed, Dec 20, in Boulder, Colorado

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Tue Dec 19 18:39:14 CET 2006

Important Change: we will be meeting at bivio Software instead of
Jill's to better accommodate this month's demos.

== Meeting: December 20, 2006 ==

 * Time: 6-8 PM

 * Location: bivio Software, Inc., 28th and Iris. Above Hair Elite in
Suite S.

 * BoulderSprint. Eric Dobbs proposed we adopt Jython, and this looks
like we have enough momentum to actually get some useful work done in
our upcoming sprints.

 * Tom Churchill and Vinny will demo Churchill Navigation's
earth-rendering engine (which looks like Google Earth, only apparently
even better and faster ;) ). Vinny (their main Python guy) will explain
how they built the glue logic (and why they decided against SWIG) and
perhaps some of the implications of using Python as a scripting
language in a real-time (60 fps) environment, and the techniques they
employed to keep the graphics pipeline from stalling when making an
expensive call into their engine from Python.

 * Brian Granger from Tech-X will help us think more deeply about
concurrent Python programming, especially as seen in a new version of

We will have food & drink available. Did I mention the free beer? Hope
to see you there.

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