ANN: CherryPy 3.0.0

Christian Wyglendowski christian at
Tue Dec 26 19:20:06 CET 2006


Just in time for the holidays and on behalf of the CherryPy team I am
happy to announce the release of CherryPy 3.0.0.

Here are some highlights of the new version:

  * As much as 3 times faster than CherryPy 2.
  * Much improved WSGI support.
  * Powerful enhanced configuration system.
  * Even easier to explore in the interactive interpreter.
  * Customizable dispatching (even includes a Routes dispatcher).

For more details on those features and more, see:

To download the new release, visit

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release by reporting a bug,
contributing code or even just giving feedback on the mailing list and

Christian Wyglendowski
CherryPy Team

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