Python Meet Manchester 8th Feb, Lass O'Gowrie

Michael Sparks ms at
Wed Feb 1 16:18:41 CET 2006


This is to announce what looks like it might be the first Python Meet
Manchester - should be fun! It's happening NEXT week.
    * Where: Lass O'Gowrie Pub. Directions:
    * When: 7pm onwards, Wed 8th Feb

If you've been to one in London you know pretty much what to expect -
a bunch of geeks in a pub talking, well, about python and stuff they
find interesting as well as demos and informal talks. If you've used/
written/ found something you think's cool and want to talk about it &
show it off please do. As it's the first time we've no idea if the Lass
O'Gowrie will be ideal or not, and if it isn't there's always the
possibility of a Python "Crawl" to solve that :-)

Sign up page (not obligatory, but would be nice if people did - it at
least has my ugly mug on as a point of reference for people :-) here:

Current topics people have offered up for discussion:
   * Turbo Gears
   * Kamaelia (Similar, but not identical, problem space to twisted for
      people who don't know what it is)
   * How to write "Pythonically". (I'm convinced you need to be dutch
     for that one myself ;-)

Also if you're vaguely interested in python, but are interested in other
things like RoR, please come along - the London meets are interesting
because of the eclectic mix of people/interests :-)

Likewise if there's anything you'd be interested in seeing/hearing
about, please come and chat about it :)

Please forward this around! 

See you there!


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