Movable Python 1.0.0 for Python 2.3 & 2.4

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Fri Feb 3 10:28:24 CET 2006

It's finally happened, `Movable Python
<>`_ is finally released.

Versions for Python 2.3 & 2.4 are available from `The Movable Python
Shop <>`_.

The cost is £5 per distribution, payment by PayPal. £1 from every
distribution goes to support the development of `SPE
<>`_, the Python IDE.

This gives you free support (via the `Movable Python Mailing List
<>`_), and access to updates, for a

There is a minor issue with the Python 2.2 version. This will be fixed
and released in the next few days. In the meantime the previous version
(0.4.6) is available for download from the shop. If you purchase this
distribution your year will run from the date of the release of 1.0.0.

Paying for **Movable Python** supports the development of the other
Open Source `Voidspace Python Projects

What is Movable Python ?

**Movable Python** is a distribution of Python for Windows that doesn't
need to be installed. It easily fits onto a USB memory stick. Python on
a stick.

It is integrated with SPE, the Python IDE, to make **Movable Python** a
portable Build, Test, and Run environment. It has a nice GUI to launch
programs and control its behaviour.

Movable Python is useful in the following situations:

* Machines where you can't install programs.
* Where you need a portable 'Build, Test, and Run' Python environment.
* Having several versions of Python on the same machine for
forward/backward compatibility testing.
* Easily deploying Python scripts without having to install Python.
* Try before you buy - test Python without having to install it,
including new versions .
* 'Python Runtime Environment'. '``.py``' files can be associated with

For more information, see `An Introduction to Movable Python

What's New ?

Changes since version 0.4.6.

Completely new method for running files. This means you can launch
multiple programs from the GUI.

Lots of new libraries and tools included. Virtually all the included
tools have had version upgrades since the last release.

The GUI does a lot more :

* Version number and Python version displayed on the GUI
* You can pass arguments to your programs
* It remembers the last directory you ran a program from
* You choose if launched programs have a console box or not
* You can configure the options programs are run with
* You can edit the default options
* Four configurable Quick Launch buttons
* You can launch SPE from the GUI
* You can launch the documentation (About)
* You can launch an interpreter console
* You can close the GUI without having to launch a program or go to the

The following (command line) options are new :

* ``f`` - run script in it's directory
* ``b`` - pause after running script
* ``o`` - override default options
* ``die`` - get rid of GUI after running
* ``k`` - run with console from movpyw
* ``koff`` - run without console from movpy

Complete documentation rewrite.

Docs are now built with `rest2web

``movpyw.exe`` is now included in the Python 2.2 distribution.

Bug fixed where first command line argument to your program was always
lost. {sm;:oops:}

Bug fixed so that ``IPOFF`` actually works now.

Bug fixed so that ``-p`` in ``config.txt`` now works.

Lots of other minor changes and improvements. {sm;:-)}

Known Issues

There are some (minor) known issues with version 1.0.0. These will be
fixed soon.

* Version for Python 2.2 not yet available.
* Possible issue running ``movpy.exe`` from long file paths on Windows
* The ``lib`` directory is not added to ``sys.path`` before entering
interactive mode.

There are also several items in the `TODO
<>`_ list. Many of
these are future ways that **Movable Python** could be developed.

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